A GIRL Walking in the RAIN Acrylic Painting|EASY Rainy Season Scenery Painting for Beginners (2019)

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Hello Friends,

A GIRL Walking in the RAIN Acrylic Painting| EASY Rainy Season Scenery Painting for Beginners (2019)

Today, I will show you Rainy day umbrella girl painting, STEP BY STEP for beginners (acrylic painting for beginners)! How to paint a rainy day is a satisfying daily art therapy for beginners to learn girl walking in the Rain. In this Painting Tutorial – (A rainy scenery painting / simple rainy day painting) is simple painting and this painting tutorial will help you to learn women with umbrella easily. I will show how to do step by step painting for beginners A GIRL in the rain step by step acrylic painting. Painting the rain is easier like Easy Abstract Painting. This is an easy demonstration with acrylic paint can even a help for glass painting for beginners, Easy Rainy season scenery drawing for beginners.

This channel presents videos and painting tutorials on one stroke Painting, Nature painting, Scenery Painting, flower painting, beautiful floral compositions, nature painting, waterfall painting, landscape paintings, Seascape paintings, Canvas painting, satisfying, art therapy and step by step tutorials. Painting with acrylics is easy and these painting tutorial demonstrate acrylic painting for beginners

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Easy art lessons for beginners and experienced artists and everyone. Whether you are just starting your journey to paint looking for the easy, how to paint and fast learning techniques, you arrived at the right place.

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💜Acrylic paint:
Ivory Black
Titanium White
Crimson Red
Cobalt blue
Burnt Sienna
Burnt umber
Dark green
Light Green

Flat Brush 4, 8,12,2
Wash Brush
Sponge Brush
Round Brush 2,4
Angular Brushes 8

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