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As my viewers know most of time I draw nature painting. I like mostly the combination of sunset. Today I wanted to draw the end of the sunset which itself consumes a very beautiful color combination. I have chosen the mountain because it’s easy for viewers to draw and also beautiful. I think you will find here very easy steps to draw a very beautiful oil painting easily. I hope you all enjoy this painting.

BRUSHES: I used different types of brushes here such as flat brush No. 2, 4, 8, and 12 and round brush No. 0 and a flat 2 inch brush.
CANVAS SIZE: 18 x 14
COLORS: Prussian blue, Cobalt blue, Burnt sienna, Orange, Chrome yellow, Crimson red, flake white

STEP 1: in the first step I want to put colors for the sky. Much time I drew many sunset combinations but today’s painting is about the time just after sunset. So we see a very typical combination in the sky at that time with dark in the top and light below the dark which shows that night is arriving after the day. So I put Prussian blue in the top and next to that I mixed red and white making the deep red lighter like pink and the putChrome yellow on that. And Remember I started putting the blue from right and kept the light in the left side. And blur it.

STEP 2: Then I put white on that to make clouds on the sky. Then I blurred this with another fresh flat brush.

STEP 3: Here I have drawn some mountains some in the front and some in the far. So I have started from the far. For the mountains in the far I drew it with Cobalt blue but not too deep.

STEP 4: Then Just next to that I blurred that color with a flat brush in a rounded way with the same color. As the canvas was white so it already takes a light color itself.

STEP 5: After that I drew another hill series with Prussian blue with the same method as I did in the step 4.

STEP 6: Then I made the lake with blue, white and in the sides of the lake keeping some area blank I put the same color as I used in the sky because of the reflection of the sky. Then at the left side I drew another hill with Prussian blue.

STEP 7: Then I drew more front hills but in the way it seems those hills ends in the lake. I used basically Prussian blue. And the last one I drew with burnt sienna.

STEP 8: Then I lighted the hills mixing flake white and little red using spatula.

STEP 9: Then I also drew the waves of the lakes with flake white,orange and chrome yellow. But remember you have to take very little amount of orange and red color. And for some more light detain in the front land which is basically the ends of the mountain.

STEP 10: Then you will have a beautiful picture of the hill at the time of sunset end. Obviously you can add more detail as needed.



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