Orange Lily Abstract Painting | Watercolor Painting Tutorial

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Paint with me as we create beautiful lily flowers mixed with spontaneous strokes of color from a dried bouquet. Here are the materials I used to paint this loosely using watercolor paint and paper from Arteza.

We’re using watercolor paper by Arteza and a mixture of inks. See all of the material used below as well as a unique code to receive 10% off of materials by Arteza. Use the code KrisKeys2 to receive the discount.

1. Arteza 100 % Cotton Watercolor Paper

2. Arteza Watercolor Paint

3. Japanese Calligraphy Brush Small

4. Winsor and Newton Watercolor Brush 999

5. Kuretake Gold Brush Pen

6. Kuretake Orange Brush Pen

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As a collaboration with Arteza, I gain commission from sales of their products. If you’re interested in purchasing any additional products from Arteza, please use the link here:

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Barbara Schejbal says:

Golden Rod is the name of the dried flower. Here in Ontario, Canada it is somewhat of a weed but beautiful nevertheless. Wonderful video – planning to paint along tomorrow! Thank you for the inspiration.

Sally Reffert says:

Such the artistic hand . . Free flowing!
You have a eye for what is needed. Love your technique.

OneTrueWord1988 says:

Wow! So beautiful. You are very talented! New sub.

Kathrin Jackson says:

Love your work Kris! Please tell me the name of the orange brush pen you used. I couldn't find it listed in the comments.

Angie Wright-Artist says:

I love your loose floral work Kris, truly beautiful and you have a very unique painting style that I really enjoy. I'm going to try some of your techniques with acrylic inks and see how they turn out. I've been trying different loose styles lately and I really enjoy yours. So happy you make these videos. I'll tag you if any of them turn out and I share. Thank you Angie

Ps. I do sell my works and don't always scan so I have to make sure all my materials are lightfastness. I am interested in learning more about turning watercolors into textiles and seeing how you mount and display them

Paullus Armstrong says:

Excellent most inspiring.

Rhys Angelini Art says:

Amazing work Kris! I have subscribed to show my support.

Nine Fruits Of The Spirit says:

Way cool! πŸ’ŸπŸ’―

Engelina Simmons says:

Thank you Kris … love your style of painting πŸ’•

Linda Smith says:

I've followed you for a long time and you are really progressing. I feel like you are a very focused woman. I love your fashion videos too. Take care.

Cecilia Sawicki says:

That’s so beautiful,

Dalia Teti says:

It's so beautiful

Barb Templin says:

I never thought about painting dried flowers before, it really does open up a whole new realm of painting. This is a gorgeous painting Kris and also informative. I love the colors you choose. Thanks for sharing!,

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