Tips and Techniques for Painting in FireAlpaca (UPDATED)

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Took down the original because I rushed the script/editing and it sucked. :^) Edits: removed segments that felt useless, irrelevant, or prolonged // added better explanations and highlighted more handy features. Apologies for any inconveniences!

✦I’m sorry I wanted to be normal, I promise – Outgoing Hikikomori

(Tracks included here: To the girl with the brown hair, Falling for u)

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Animari Art says:

(See description for list of updates!)
Link to the Previous Tutorial:

Chariot says:

Wow such quality artwork and only 69 subscribers?!

Hayley M says:

screaming I've been searching SO LONG for a way to get something like the mesh tool and NO ONE has said anything about it. I saw that segment and I screamed because I was so happy you included that. Thank you SO much!

🖤_J_E_N_N_I_E_🖤 says:

You are a life saver, honestly! Right now, your my inspiration for semi-realism. 🥳💜

Kayla Faulkner says:

Watching the art come together is so inspiring! Like magic ✨

Louisster says:

and I thought your videos couldn't get even better

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