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New Paint Recipe:
Acrylic Pours, With Flood Brand Floetrol & Elmer’s Glue All & GAC 800. *(I mix my Paint with: Floetrol 40%, Elmer’s Glue All 40%, GAC 800 10%) After I add my paint I adjust the other 10% with Distilled Water or Floetrol or Glue All depending on thickness of the paint which varies. If I want better cells I add 1 to 2 drops of either Dimethicone, or Silicone to every ounce of pre mixed Paint I made or 1 drop of each for each ounce of Pre mixed Paint I have Made. The Products I use are Blaster Silicone, OGX Coconut Milk/Oil (Dimethicone), 3 & One Silicone, Spot On Treadmill Belt Lube (100%) Silicone. I use Sometimes 1 or even up to 3 of these products depending on the outcome I am looking for. I usually always Spray my Pour Cup with the Blaster Silicone Prior to adding the Paint Mixture into it because it helps to release the paint once it is flipped. I am Still experimenting and will keep everyone posted with any new techniques I learn or try. I am also looking for some recommendations and/or suggestions from anyone that would like to share.

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