Blown flowers fluid acrylic pour painting

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Wanda’s Artwork
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Tammy Cornell says:

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Leora Asbell says:

Could you paint the stems again after the paint had dried

Josie Capps says:

I’ll have to try them

Ahlem Ahlem says:

Bravoooo c magnifique 😍😍😍

Lorri Johns says:

Sooooo Pretty!!! 🤗… Thank you for sharing!!! Peace and Love Always, Lorri 💜💙💚💛🧡❤

Linda Zeiters says:

Wow! Was this seriously the first time? Unbelievable! You nailed it. Beautiful.

Karen Hildebrand says:

Very beautiful! What if you go back and add a white stem after the red is dry??? Not sure, but seems like it would work.

Acrylic Joe says:

😱😱😱 Wow Sherri!!

Jen Sheehan says:

That came out beautiful 😍… I love it!! Great job!

GrandmaMSanger says:

I think you did a beautiful job. I’m still trying to get the Saran Wrap thing like you do. I scrapped two canvases last night ☹️.

Doris At DF Designs says:

You did a wonderful job with these! 💐🌺🌹❤❤❤🎨

Becky Monaghan says:

Love RED! I use red as my accent color in my living room. Have a great weekend Sherri, Grandma from Iowa 🥰


Délicates, ces fleurs aériennes, j'aime bien, bravo et merci
Delicate, these aerial flowers, I like, congratulations and thank you

Josie Capps says:

I’m really liking this‼️it’s fun to do something different.

Wanda's Artwork says:

The red back ground was a fabulous idea. This is beautiful! I think you did a wonderful job! Congratulations! The stems look ok. You can blow the red over the stems if you need to.

Tina Procaccini says:

It looks great. Very pretty

Missy Art Studio says:

Wonderful!!! Looks like carnations! ❤️💙💛💚👍44

Linda Ch. says:

Oh Sherri very pretty and so delicate ❤️ I love it 🥰

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