"Wala ng Tawilis"||The making of||10-day Acrylic Painting

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Title: “Wala ng Tawilis” (There’s No More Tawilis)
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 2 feet by 3 feet

ABOUT THE PAINTING: It speaks about environmental degradation… sending a message that we must take care of our environment and natural resources, unless we want to see ourselves without food to eat. Tawilis, the only freshwater sardine in the world, is an endemic species of sardines that can only be found in Taal Lake in the Philippines. It has been reported that it is diminishing and it is now considered endangered due to environmental pollution and irresponsible fishing.

MUSIC CREDITS: “Sang Market” by Scott Dugdale
“Bean Stalk Hustle” by Janapriyan Levine
“Kemebourama” (feat.-Balla-Kouyate-Band) &
“Nkuvu” (feat. Julio Sigauque) by Mike Block (Producer)

also available now on metal prints @https://displate.com/displate/944525

Check out my other works @https://displate.com/le3lok

My website: https://rbflee.wixsite.com/website


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