Painting Tutorial/ Step By Step/ Acrylic / How To Paint Shooting Stars

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This is a step by step painting tutorial on how to paint Shooting Stars, fluffy clouds and a full moon. Using heavy bodied acrylics and only 3 brushes, you will learn many techniques that will take you further as an artist.

9×12” stretched, double primed canvas
Neon- pink, violet, orange by Holbein
Phthalo blue

Large filbert
Smaller filbert
Small liner

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Eve Harvey Art says:

Awesome video new follower here! Great job!

Kerrie Woodhouse says:

So exciting Joni! Your studio looks like it will be amazing, can't wait to see you painting inside it. Lovely shooting star painting too. I love all things purple 💜

Angel DoesArt says:

Beautiful studio my dearest sis beautiful love it 👏🏻👏🏻💐😍👍🏼👌🏼


Great video

Suzanne Dang Art says:

Wow! Beautiful, as always

ravi fine art says:

I liked your drawing and i also subscribed to your channel,i hope you will also subscribe to my channel!

GihanFineArts says:


Erika Lancaster says:

Amazing tutorial, Joni! Your painting turned out beautifully. I love your colorful style! Thanks so much for sharing. Like #48


Amazing drawing. Hello I am your new supporter & i hope you support my channel also.

Mira drawing ميرا says:

What a beautiful painting 😀

GoodArt says:

Wow 😲!!! It's beautiful 😀 👍 👍 👍 💐

Foltz Art says:

Joni Young Art I cant wait to see your finished studio hey I enjoyed watching this painting being created alot it's so colorful and it has impact on the senses I love it Cool piece luv!✌👩‍🎨💗

awesomegirl770 says:

Another fabulous tutorial, love your energy, you're so motivating! Cant wait to see your studio when it's all done♡ you're quickly becoming a favourite artist of mine to watch…

lovepartypaint says:

Congratulations on your gallery/studio! Beautiful painting I love this one!

Gaetan BRUNEL says:

Wow good video my friend !! +1 Sub 😀😀😀

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