Watercolor Painting Demo/Tutorial (46) – Loose Landscape, How to Paint Snow Scene / 水彩画 風景 雪景色 描き方

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This is my first time to do a snowscape demonstration / tutorial.

I’m also still in the middle of learning, but I hope my demos will help you.
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I used these reference photo and painting materials for this painting:

[Reference Photo]
– Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay

– Cadmium Yellow Pale (W&N)
– Transparent Yellow (W&N)
– Cobalt Turquoise Light (W&N)
– Cadmium Orange (Holbein)
– Alizarin Crimson (Schmincke)
– Ultramarine Violet (W&N)
– Davis Grey (W&N)
– Lavender (Holbein)
– Chinese White (Holbein)
– Cerulean Blue (W&N)
– Cobalt Blue (W&N)
– French Ultramarine (W&N)
– Yellow Ochre (W&N)
– Burnt Sienna (W&N)
– Burnt Umber (W&N)
– Indian Red (Schmincke)
– Joseph Z’s Warm Grey (Daniel Smith)
– Joseph Z’s Neutral Grey (Daniel Smith)
– Joseph Z’s Cool Grey (Daniel Smith)
– White (Pentel)

★Joseph Z’s Warm Grey
★Joseph Z’s Neutral Grey
★Joseph Z’s Cool Grey

– Aquarelliste Round Quill 990 #14 (Artetje)
– Aquarelliste Round Quill 990 #8 (Artetje)
– Black Resable Round SQ #1 (Holbein)
– Joseph Zbukvic Perla White Toray Synthetic Round Pointed 1430 #12 (Escoda)
– Joseph Zbukvic Perla White Toray Synthetic Round Pointed 1430 #10 (Escoda)
– Joseph Zbukvic Perla White Toray Synthetic Round Pointed 1430 #8 (Escoda)
– Aquarelliste Flat 910 #16 (Artetje)
– Squirrel Flat 916 #14 (Raphael)
– Camlon Pro Script 670 #2 (Artetje)
– Camlon Pro Script 670 #5/0 (Artetje)
– Black Resable Angle 500A #6 (Holbein)
– Black Resable Fan 500T #4 (Holbein)
– Kolinsky Sable Round 8404 #8 (Raphael)

★Aquarelliste Brushes
★Aquarelliste Round Quill 990 #24
★Black Resable Round SQ #6
★SET 1 – JOSEPH ZBUKVIC White Toray Synthetic

– Waterford White Rough 300g/m2 F6 (Saunders/Holbein)



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