"Eloise Daisy" Introducing Danny Meadow Mouse Storytelling ASMR Acrylic Painting Demonstration Pt 2

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Come join professional artist Dena Tollefson in her art studio! This fun, relaxing video is a great way to unwind and increase your creativity. Tollefson is known for deep, vibrant colors in her signature painting technique.
In a calm, ASMR soothing voice Dena tells the story she created of Eloise Daisy, Sam Daisy, and introducing Danny Meadow Mouse in their brush with danger in a story of friendship, love, protection and safe spaces.
If you are looking for help for insomnia, or need a chemical free way to relax, this slowly painted ASMR video will help you unwind in a safe, soothing and healthy way.

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My technique can be done in either oil paint and acrylic paint.
Tollefson uses both palette knives and spoons to paint 3D, touchable, textured works of art on canvas.

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Learn more at her website https://www.denatollefson.com

Tollefson is a Christian and her artwork is positive message, uplifting and healing. Collectors use her paintings for meditation, calming, and healing thought.

Artist’s Statement: I am a Colorist and am known for contemporary realism focusing on botanicals and landscapes, especially ponds, flowers and skies. My sky paintings are my idea of how God created Earth with one breath. Every morning and every evening He creates a new sky for us.

I employ vigorous brushwork and texture through the palette knife in my work so that people may experience along with me the “feel” of the painting. I find mosaics fascinating how the individual pieces all contribute to the whole- I want my paintings to have a similar idea where overlapping petals of paint all stand on their own and then contribute to the total.

My work known as “Daubism” is created using a palette knife where each stroke of color is isolated from the others. Most paintings will have hundreds of different colors, these colors are all individually hand-mixed from a limited set of colors creating unique colors which relate to one another. I am striving for a sensual, tactile surface in paint.”
“I am always excited when someone connects with my artwork- I am delighted to share a vision of color and beauty with my collectors”- Dena Tollefson

Dena Tollefson is an American artist whose bold contemporary paintings focus on joyful use of color, texture and movement, creating a low relief effect in paint- a hybrid between low relief sculpture, mosaic, and traditional painting.

She is known for floral painting, especially how to paint sunflowers.

Dena Tollefson (nee Dena Schaefer), born 1965, is a full-time, professional artist. Tollefson graduated from Iowa State University in 1988 and lived in Dallas Texas before returning to Iowa in 1991 where she developed her unique, highly textured painting style. She lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her husband and family.

Tollefson is represented in galleries nationally in New Mexico, California, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Her “Daubism” body of work is a unique process she developed, where “daubs” of individually mixed paint are applied with a palette knife. The largest daubs are applied with a serving spoon, allowing ridges of paint which catch the light and appear to dance and scintillate as the viewer moves past the painting. Tollefson’s work focuses on botanicals, ponds, skies, and her Corn Series of work, biographies where people are depicted as ears of corn. Her work is highly tactile.

Museum, Corporate & Selected Private Collections

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Cedar Rapids, IA.
Farm Credit Services Omaha, NE
Terso Solutions Corporation Madison, WI
Iowa Department of Human Services, Cedar Rapids, IA
Genesis Hospital, Davenport, IA
Monsanto Corporation St Louis, MO
Ronald McDonald Facility/Unity Point Health Cedar Rapids, IA
Ruberry, Stalmack and Garvey Law Firm Chicago, IL
Marion Arts Council Marion, IA
Mercy Hospital Cedar Rapids, IA
PCI Cardiologists Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa
St Luke’s Hospice Cedar Rapids, IA
StarcomMediaVest CEO, Chicago, IL
St Luke’s hospital, Cedar Rapids, IA.
United Fire and Casualty Owner, Cedar Rapids, IA
Mableton Bank, Mabelton, GA
Lil’ Drug Stores CEO, Scottsdale, AZ

Two of Dena Tollefson’s paintings are in the permanent collection of the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Her work hangs publicly and in private collections throughout the world.


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