Landscape Painting in Watercolor | Paint with david |

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Landscape Painting in Watercolor | Paint with david |

Watercolor is an exciting and very versatile fine art media that can be intimidating for a beginner. To make your experience with watercolor more enjoyable, you will need to gather some basic watercolor painting supplies. The quality of your materials will greatly influence your results, so I recommend buying professional quality supplies. If you paint something you really like, you will feel better if it is done with good quality, archival materials.

I am using the product Artist Watercolor, brand is Camel ! Grab whatever watercolors you have and join me for a fun time! Link is given below

*** Assorted Brushes for Watercolor Painting ***
By tradition, a watercolor brush has a short handle, since the artist executes fine detail and works close to the paper or medium. High-end watercolor brushes, such as Kolinsky sable pointed rounds, are prized for their ability to keep a fine point, useful for detail work.
I recomened this brand of watercolour brush. Link is given below

*** Recommended Paper Size ***

I am using Handmade paper, which i have bought from the market. The size of the paper i am using in the video which was cut as the size given below
(20X26) cm

YES you can paint this bigger or even on chart paper

## About my watercolour palette##

*** Other Supplies ***

Water cup
Paper Cutter
Table easel


Follow along and have fun!
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