Week 7 Painting Acrylic Landscape Challenge Painting a Seascape

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We had so much fun with the 30 Days of Roses Challenge that we developed a weekly challenge for painting landscapes. Learn simple painting techniques for trees, water, and clouds. Make decisions confidently as you paint along with David in this new series of landscape painting exercises featuring Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics. We are uploading a new video every week for the next 12 weeks. Want to paint along?

Download study photos here: https://jansenartonline.com/en/landscape-challenge
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For more lessons & supplies:
Online Classes: http://JansenArtOnline.com
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Megan Perras says:

I love to hear you say to paint different ways and use different techniques. I do that all the time but I feel like I don’t have a “style” or a methodology which makes me not a real painter. You use all different techniques and you most certainly are a real painter. Keep up the great work ! And thanks for the inspiration!

Katherifne Lane says:

I am headed to the studio. Thank you again.

Deborah Ross says:

I’ve been wanting to do a seascape and I’ve decide to do this one. You’ve made it look so easy compared to what I’ve watched. This is next on my list. Thank you and stay safe. 💕🌺

Stalean says:

Lots of great painting tips. I love your flowers, but I’m really enjoying your landscape/seascape tutorials . Thank you!

Rut Vigo says:


Kimberlys arts says:

Thank you for sharing, so very appreciated😊

Sopiha Smith says:

Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge with us. I will watch this again and paint along with you, you give us the time to do that. I have learned so much from you whilst watching during the lock down. Thank you.

Penny Newcomer says:

Beautiful as always, I love seascapes.

sue woulfe says:

another enjoyable Sunday afternoon,Thankyou loved the lesson. Regards to your beloved who is working so hard for her patients. Keep
strong both of you.

Cynthia Reyero says:

Thanks again. Great way to start my day.

Valerie Millns says:

David I’m learning so much from you , the cleaning of brushes tip, great.

Kelly Davis says:

I have painted many different beach themes, but you just taught me so much more. In my eyes, you have earned the title Master David…just don't tell your wife that. Haha. Thank you for teaching us . Can't wait to try this one. P.S. I got my easel! Yay!!

brennerfineart says:

That`s really beautiful 🙂

DJPixelList says:

Another magnificent tutorial Dave. When you did the sea bit on the left, lol.."I just ruined it!"..yep, I have those moments frequently with my own work! Frequently. Once again Dave, thanks for the tutorial…you again supplied a multitude of information, which I for one, find extremely helpful! Best wishes..David ..UK.

Lesley Fox says:

Thank you David loved this painting. Could you tell me your dimensions for your glass palette. Once again more techniques you have shown us.

ThanhLan Pham says:

Look so real. Super beautiful.

katherine finke says:

Lol, the first time I saw you use hand sanitizer, I immediately tried it and it worked fantastic! I used what I had up. A week later, we went into lockdown and I could find nary a bottle. My brushes were sooo clean😝

D L says:

Lovely painting David 👍

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