Painting Daily Art "Vlog" | GRANDIOSE project (Dolomites #7)

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Welcome back! Join me for a Painting Daily Art “Vlog” for the GRANDIOSE project! – Painting Daily Art “Vlog” | GRANDIOSE project (Dolomites #7) is a new series of videos for the channel. I’ve always wanted to show the GRANDIOSE project in as much of it’s entirety as possible. I have hours of footage that I’ve shot for the project and to get back in line with where I want the channel (and project) to go I’m going to be showing these videos is short “digestible” clips set to music. In these short videos I’m going to be showing you the chronological timeline of an artwork being made from start to finish (mostly). So sit back, relax and watch some paint dry while you chill out to some music.


Jennifer Low says:

Loved seeing this up close for a different view!

Jim B says:


Lawrence Ma says:

Where have you been getting your songs? They work well with the video!

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