My Etsy Shop is Back + Painting New Original Artwork on paper – Art Studio Vlog #1

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Art Studio Vlog #1 My Etsy shop is Back & I’ve created new paintings for you. Thank you so much for your support! Especially in this very special time it means a lot and helps me to keep creating and share my art with you! I really appreciate!

Let me know if have any questions or any ideas for the next videos in the comments. Make sure to like and subscribe to be updated when I post a new video. Thank you so much for watching. See you very soon.

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My French channel :

Art & Business inquiries :

What I’ve used

Clairefontaine 250g/m2 multi-techniques paper
Le Franc Bourgeois Linel extra fine gouache
Crea Golden Acrylic
Raphael & Da Vinci brushes
Sostrene Grene palette

Amazon masking tape / washi tape

My Black frames :—bois—noir—aimante-15-x-15-1000015258.html

My White frame :

Similar white frame


Making Prints, bookmarks & order packing – Art Studio Vlog 2 :

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Hi everyone, my name is Ursula. I’m French. I live in Paris and here I talk about Art & Creativity. I share with you my creative journey and some tips along the way! I hope you’ll enjoy!


Emma Carpenter - Illustration Journey says:

Your landscape paintings are beautiful, I love all the colours 😍

Eka P says:

Pour le premier je trouve que le cadre noir se marie bien avec l'ambiance du coucher de soleil mais je l'aurais choisi plus petit . Et pour la peinture avec le building, les nuages et les fleurs de cerisier j'aime beaucoup le cadre blanc même si le grand cadre accentue l'effet ''vaporeux'' des nuages. J'aime beaucoup aussi

IamMimi says:

Hi ! Its my news count (Mimi Nails Kitoko) . I Surfing in your website and i falling in love whith dancer classic black woman ( sorry for my Bad english) .

Rita Ngatsé says:

Ccou Ursula, merci pour la vidéo, la bise.

Dhadwal Art says:

Beautiful paintings 💙💙

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