Painting The Galaxy On My Girlfriend's Back (Again)

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Thank you all so much for watching, ilu ❤❤❤

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Mittens 66 says:

Animate my life part 2222222

sol phoyu says:

tbh i would love to be either aaron or his gf in this

the painting is gorgeous

Bonnie says:

ahhhh that felt very calming to watch

Lauren Mukamal says:

that was very beautiful

Sonmi Hae-Joo says:

Thank you very much for sharing this beautifu and poetic work of art with us <3

Alex Climber says:

…holy shit… you are an incredible artist!!!
Random question. Have you done other body paintings before?

Steph Utech says:

I need someone who will do this on my back especially after a long stressful day at work DAMMMNNN

Jamie O says:

ffs 27min long ad. Sure ill come back in half an hour

NothingInParticular says:

Wonderful choice of music accompaniment and an absolutely beautiful painting

thisisAB says:

Honestly this was amazing. And as someone who isn't really an artist/don't really paint I particularly enjoyed watching the splattering technique for the white stars. Never realized that was a thing and made this seem doable in a way.

Overhoot says:

Holy crap. This Is awesome.

DevinNKelly says:

Omg, you're such a talented painter. How long did it take to paint that?

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