Digital Painting Tutorial | Photoshop Techniques in less then 14 mins

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Hello Everyone…!!! I had done speed painting of kratos from God of war (Game) last week so I thought, I should make a tutorial on Digital painting techniques and process but when i research I found that their are not much tutorials on youtube which are less in time but yet covering different topic in digital painting so i thought how about creating one, I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 you can use any other software if you want, techniques are almost same for every software and I always believe that, at the end of the day software never matters your talent does.
So in this digital painting tutorial I will teach you :
-How to Add clipping mask which makes your work a lot easier
-How to blend colors
– 3 important steps or technique
this all in just less than 14 mins…!!!
so i hope this tutorial was helpful for you guys and if it does then pls like ,subscribe , share and comment, feel free to give your suggestion about this tutorial or if you want that i should make tutorial on a specific topic related to art then comment below.
this is me TJ signing off and until next time KEEP CREATING ART….!!!!!!

Digital Painting Tutorial | Photoshop Techniques in less then 14 mins.


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heena singh says:

hello tj.can u help me.which is best software for beginner in animation.

heena singh says:

it is very helping video.this video makes easy to understand.

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