Oil Painting Demonstration: Brushfire, Oil on board 8"x10"

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A time-lapse of the making of Brushfire.


Korn Hole says:

Ryan you're super amazing bro.. I love that you don't bother with smoothing it out because, I love the paintbrush strokes! Keep up the inspiring work!

Geoffrey Blasiman says:

Although I've never been a big fan of the time-lapse stuff, I really appreciate how you do the real-time intro and ending. Kudos on the music too, more often than not time-lapse videos have music that turns me off.

Off to watch more!

Movco art says:

Hey Ryan! Love your videos though. . . How do you thinner the oilcolours? Because when I want to draw with oil clour it's kinda thick. . .

Sam Edwards says:

Awesome!  I am wondering what size are the paintings you do for Magic?  I am looking forward to more videos!

David Owens says:

Great stuff Ryan!  Hope to see you again at Illuxcon this year! 🙂

Toni DeBiasi says:

Love your work. Thanks for sharing your process. 

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