How to Make Kindness Rocks | Inspiring Art Project Painting Tutorial for Beginners

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We are making DIY kindness rocks, Queen Bees! This is such a powerful beautiful way to spread kindness to others through art. I will show you how to create your very own kindness rocks and hide them in this easy tutorial!

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-ART1st Tracing Pad:
-Carbon Pencil:
-Sketch Pencil:
-Mixed Media Pad:
-Arteza acrylic outdoor paint set:
-3/4″ Flat Wash Brush:
-#10 Flat Shader:
-#8 Round Brush:
-#0 Detail Round Brush:

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I create fun and easy step-by-step acrylic painting tutorials and story times for beginner artists or anyone looking to let loose and just have fun with acrylic paint! I believe painting is for everyone-and the more you practice, the more you grow your creativity!


SHANZ S says:

I love making kindness rocks, I've been doing it for a few years now. A friend of mine also has a Facebook group for making and sharing these in our community. Although I'm no longer on FB – I still make and hide them. They definitely are a lot of fun to make. I'm rather fortunate to live in the land of a 1000 lakes, so finding smooth and round rocks is not an issue for me, ha. Great subject, my dear… I'm glad you're participating. I think this is one of those activities that is good for the soul – giving without receiving or without expectation is quite freeing. <3 Have a wonderful week QB.

Bonnie says:

Love it. I’m gonna do this where we live!

Kristina’s Art Therapy Studio says:

Kindness is contagious! You have a beautiful smile and I just wanted you to know that! You Rock!

Subhendu Sen says:

Hey! Do you know? You're awesome. Just by watching your videos, one gets charged up, starts to dream again. I have never painted by hand ever, though I have been a computer graphic artist. I am 60 now, and looking out to take up a new profession. And, somehow, very recently, I chose acrylic painting. I know nothing about it. So, I am exploring – watching suggested videos on youtube. Being honest here – as of now, I haven't come across any channel that teaches acrylic painting for them who know nothing. In this video, I learnt about how to create a craze and make an entry point for a newcomer like mine. I'm not totally seeing it as "kindness", I will be using it for "promotional purposes". But, thank you for that. I didn't know about it.

I'm from India…from Santiniketan…a small town….made by Rabindranath Tagore….I don't know if you have heard about him….a noble prize winner in literature…a multi-talented person. A university was made by him, named, Visva Bharati University. It's now a central government university of India. Rabindranath was a great painter too! And, there's a whole department called "Kala Bhavan". Kala = Art, Bhavan = Building. It was a building at his time, but it's a one of the most important art training center in India. People from all over the world come here to study – art or other subjects. You may google it to learn more.

I live in a small place here in Santiniketan. I would love to invite you with your family to be my guest for a few days to explore the place. My benefit? Would like to get energized in your presence — with a hope — if you could teach me more about acrylic painting…

Thanks for reading. All the blessings for your child….

Jules Madison ArtPreneur says:

This is such an amazing idea. I’m going to do this! Thank you for sharing. Can you please explain what (and how) you attach the message on the back and the website?

Maria Maria says:

This is so inspiring… Thank u

Arpan soul says:


Art ikedkom says:

Thank you very much for your tutorials. Watch easy but exercise … Oh! My God !!!
How difficult it is !!!! But I do my best and watch day after day …..

Deidra says:

What a great idea!! I've seen rocks and I was like what is this about!!! Now I know!! Really cool to spread kindness and positivity this way!!! Thanks for this video how fun!!!!💙🤗🌺😘💙

Kat Kat says:

I’ve done this! I painted some dot mandala rocks and put them around in stores in my city. Just left them on the random shelves with little notes on them. It’s kinda hard to leave them behind, but satisfying too. ❤️

Michelle Clifton says:

What a beautiful idea! I hadn't actually heard of these. I have seen people that make little works of art and leaving them places. Like little atc or postcard sized works. It's the same type of idea; spreading positivity. I like the kindness rocks. I am totally going to do this!! Now I just need some rocks. 😁😁😁

Julie P says:

This is exactly why I love you and your channel!! If I'm having a "downish" day, I just pop on one of your videos, and it always brightens my day. I started doing this a couple months ago, and now I've gotten all my friends hooked! I didn't think of putting a website on the back though. Can we share the rocks we make with your Facebook site?

Patti Antilla says:

I've been painting kindness rocks for 2 years in Arizona and Washington State. We buy river rocks at Home Depot or a rock company so we have flat rocks.

art_i_hunt says:

good idea!

Acrylic Painting Tutorial : Art Taiga says:

Great art project

alex chalakee says:

I paint rocks but not kindness rocks. I usually use a thick base coat first to fill in the little holes. And use whatever acrylic paint and a varnish/medium last.
It wasn't my intention for people to take them. But they do. So I started painting on large peebles. And most of them are gone now but there are still a few around.

Vals Rascal says:

Keren .. im from indonesia , sepertinya saya akan mencoba nya … 😉

Amanda The Buzzed Artist says:

Ever made kindness rocks before? This is such a powerful beautiful way to spread kindness to others through art. I will show you how to create your very own kindness rocks and hide them in this easy tutorial!

Tara Gorman says:

Just got a bunch of shells from the beach. Gonna do this! Fun and happy.😃

Da Royal General says:

you're always a step ahead of the rest when it comes to your creativity via your artworks.

I did some rock painting years ago but it was just at request.

I would just put the person's name or their birth sign on it or just some cartoonish warp looking faces.

Da Royal General says:

if you should throw any of those rocks at someone then you'd be "HITTING THEM WITH KINDNESS!!"

Da Royal General says:


Vaeh _08 says:

Wow that’s cool ima try it! Idk how I haven’t heard of this :/ ♥️ 💜 ❤️

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