[ Watercolour Tips ] // Quick Landscape Painting Techniques for Beginners

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Alaa H says:

Thank you so mucj

Maçã Verde says:

Would be awesome doing a storyboard with that. :3

lunabun:3 says:

You are so cute and I love your style its different from other watercolor artists🤩

Mary Sanche says:

Sorry about the GIANT COUGH in the middle, I tried so hard to find that when I was editing and I knew I did it and arghhhh

DoughGlaze says:

It do be beautiful tho

Sharon Nolfi says:

Very nice tutorial! Thanks, Mary.

LanaGoesArt says:

Very nice quick landscapes to paint and well narrated. Wonderful!

Pope Suavecito XII says:

great tips!

wendy hepting says:

Very helpful! Thankyou!

Marlene Leeson says:

Wonderful instruction. I'm relatively new to this medium and I appreciate and love this tutorial. Please do some more B&W tutorials….they're stunning!

BeverlyC says:

Lovely and fun – will try this. More Gouache please 🙂

Izabela Cichańska says:

Thank you for sharing this tutorial 😃

Firefly says:

Love it! Thank you 🙂

Steve Murray says:

Thank you. You are such a great teacher. I know that I am old enough to be your grandfather, but your instruction style just hits the mark. A late comer to painting as life and work always took precedence. Better late than never, so thank you so very much. Your videos are always looked forward to and very much appreciated.

Mallory Durrick says:

I'm relatively new here and also new to watercolors. I really appreciate you taking the time to make a beginner video. Thank you so much!

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