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Painting Time lapse of ‘BALANCING ROCKS’ using OIL PAINTS. Painting this Meditation Scene in a quiet nature is so relaxing and refreshing. Balancing stones is an Art itself and making it into an art is quite challenging too.

This scene demonstrates step by step how to PAINT BALANCING ROCKS realistic and painting blurry background i.e. nature that gets blurred to focus on the stones in more detail. Also we can see the sparkles of light peaking through the trees on the background.

I hope this Serene painting with calming music makes a relaxing and Satisfying video.
So please enjoy and share your thoughts in comments.
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I am a passionate artist who love to paint the life as is and capture the moments in my art. I do OIL PAINTING TIME LAPSE, OIL PAINTING TUTORIALS STEP BY STEP and demonstrate little bit of how to use different OIL PAINTING TECHNIQUES and OIL PAINTING TIPS.

I started painting with Water colors as a kid and grew up using Acrylic Painting. Then found my interest in OIL PAINTING and did lot of LANDSCAPES, FLOWERS, WATER, TREES, BIRDS…etc. I try to paint REALISTIC but doesn’t want to be confined to particular art style. I also DRAW WITH COLOR PENCILS and like to feel little difference in making art. In fact there are so many different ways to show what you love.

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Thank you,
Serene art expressions.


Note: You can use this as an inspiration for your art but please limit your self from taking the exact copy for commercial purposes.

Reference Pic Credits : Photo by nicollazzi xiong from Pexels.


Larry Williams says:

Super well done. You have a very fine texture to your work. I love how soft and smooth the background is. It makes the gritty feel of the rocks stand out in contrast. Great stuff 👌😊 -Best of luck on your art and your channel, and much support from one artist to another. Liked and subbed.

jaswanth kosanam says:


Serene Art Expressions says:

Painted a new Serene scene 'BALANCING ROCKS' in nature. Please share your thoughts on this painting and Thanks for watching.

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