Easy Waterfall Acrylic Painting for beginners On Canvas || Step by Step Waterfall Landscape Painting

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This is an easy Step by step waterfall acrylic painting for beginners ..
This is my first acrylic painting on Canvas.. please like comment and subscribe my channel if you liked my art ..will definitely try to improve and will come up with more simple painting ideas..
Materials needed:-
1) Canvas board 12×16 inch (white or black)
2) Prussian blue351, cobalt blue hue056,Viridian hue,453 titanium white423,black016
3)flat brush 12 and 6,pointed brush 1,mop brush or any round brush with hard bristles


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Neha Nair says:

Wow!!! ❤️ Muthasha's talent passed on to you!

ഭാഗവതാമൃത൦ says:

Simple and good

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