SEMI ABSTRACT Landscape Painting Demonstration | Acrylics

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In this painting tutorial and demo I will show you how I paint modern semi abstract landscapes with acrylics and a bit of mixed media – please see below for list of materials. I’ll also show you the inspiration behind the painting and how I choose the colors.

I use only 2 colors of acrylic paint and they are: Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue + Titanium White and Black. I also use some watersoluble cryons and watercolor pencils.
The paper is 160lb/200gram acid free sketchbook paper. But watercolor paper would work fine as well.

If you want to take your painting to the next level I suggest you try and practise as much and often as possible. I paint a lot of my paintings on paper which is a nice way to save on expensive canvas and storing the finished paintings don’t take up as much space either.

This painting video is for beginners who want to take their painting beyond the initial first steps and for more experienced artists as well. I hope you got some value, inspiration and tips for your next painting.

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Tinekke Bergmann says:

What a wonderful painting! I just found your channel and it became quickly a favourite. Your videos are so carefully explained in a calming manner without distracting music which is rare to find. Also, your loose style of painting is the direction I wanna go!
I enjoyed your videos about awareness in nature so much too. I hope you will do some more. Such content is much needed in these weird times.
You might like the channel cottagefairy. Her art is different, but it's a lot about rural and simple life.

lindan970 says:

I am absolutely loving your video tutorials! Your paintings are breathtaking! I never considered using water-solvable crayons and/or pencils. What brand(s) do you suggest?

Decea says:

Absolutely love your work. Those clean white borders contrasting with strong bold colours when you remove the tape, really brings your work to life ♥️

Karen Miller says:

Really sublime. Beautiful.

possible paintings says:

Really enjoy your tutorials and style. Do you let sections dty before continuing?

Gar mallinson says:

Wonderful work!

Vickki Walsh says:

I just found you and you are quickly becoming my go too. As a realistic landscape painting most recently I am striving to become more abstracted in my art. Love you hints and becoming more loose and abstracted in our interpretation of a scene.

Antonio Oyarzabal says:

Hi Marie Luise, wonderful painting again! What acrylic brand is that Ultramarine blue? Is it Golden? I cannot find that kind of tone with the winsor and newton or Amsterdam brands – thank you!

John & Jen McCloskey says:

No intrusive music, a calm, articulate commentary and a demo of just the right length. Another inspiring work. Thank you.

Peer Schöndorf says:

Always wonderful! Great style and nice commend! All the best, your big fan peer!

Mumtaz Samnani 123 says:

Lovely landscape painting 👍

tessakate250 says:

This is so beautiful! You are such a generous teacher and I really appreciate how you explain all your decisions and I'm learning so much from your videos. Thank you!

Kelly Howard says:

Love this painting!! Beautiful colors and composition!

Dhritishree Bhuyan says:

Loved your painting.its really very artistic and admirable.

SEROKU - Vivere e creare con lentezza says:

Molto espressivo! Guardo sempre con interesse i tuoi video.

Estelle Demontrond-Box says:

Awesome ! Loved that video! Thanks so much for sharing !

John Moran says:

Absolutely beautiful. I would love to try something like this but I always find i push the small details too much. I did see you have a specific video about that so I'm going to watch that next

Dubravka Zirojevic says:

As always, I look forward to each video and so relish watching every move you make. You are my favourite teacher…. and please know your painting can speak…. so beautiful….. no words.❤️

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