Boats in Harbour Watercolor Painting Tutorial | Loose watercolor

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Boats in Harbour Watercolor Painting Tutorial | Loose watercolor

Watercolour painting made simple. This painting lesson features a simple way of painting boats in a harbour, water reflections . please watch my full video hope you will enjoy the process . beginners let me know if you were able to recreate it..

Paper:- 230 GSM ,cold press . size 11″x14″.
Color:- Camel Artist Watercolor Tubes

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Thank you so much for watching!


Son Studios says:

This is wonderful drawing dear art friend🥰🥰🥰

Jayanta Art Academy says:

great artist

Art With me says:

This is loverly artowork !
New friend here 🙂👍🔔

misti puchi says:

its amazing friend

Englehard Dinglefester says:

That's a fantastic picture.

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