How to paint a landscape – easy step by step acrylic painting tutorial

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Easy Step by Step Tutorial for Landscape Acrylic Painting.
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Below is the list of materials used:
Acrylic Paints:
1. Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue from Camel
2. Mars Black from Liquitex basics
3. Cadmium Yellow Light hue from Liquitex basics
4. Cerulean Blue from Liquitex basics
5. Naphthol crimson from Liquitex basics

1. 1″ Flat Brush
2. 3/8″ Angled brush
3. 1/8″ Filbert brush
4. Fan Brush
You will get the last three brushes on site). The below are the links to packs of simply simmons brushes.

12″x16″ Bustro Canvas

The other materials used were a canvas holder( , palette paper ( and a spare towel.

Hope this helps. You can comment and ask any questions in the comments section below.

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