One Stroke Painting with Donna Dewberry – How to Paint a Sunflower, Pt. 3: Bumblebee

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FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paints used in this video:
Citrus Green
Daffodil Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Floating Medium

Plaid’s 50536E Artists Variety Set featuring #2, 6, 8, 10, and 12 Flat, #1 liner, #2 script liner, #1/4” and ¾” scruffy (currently available on Plaid Online at and at Walmart)

Meet Artist Donna Dewberry

In the early 1970’s, the name Donna Dewberry did not draw much attention in the American Craft Industry. More a decorator of her home than a well-known artist, Donna began her career by coordinating the walls and furniture of her home with artistic objects she already owned. A self-taught artist, she picked up different painting tips where she could and “learned by observations”. Thirty years later, she is recognized throughout America, Europe and Asia as the innovative creator of the One Stroke™ painting technique.

Donna’s career started with an early interest in painting tinware. She now has over 200 designs for painting mailboxes and other surfaces. In addition to her mailbox designs, she had created a full line of giftware. Many of these items were regular features in such high-end American catalogs as Neiman-Marcus, Horchow and Spiegel.

It wasn’t long before Donna’s artwork was recognized by Plaid Enterprises, the leading American Craft Company. They approached her with the idea of publishing her designs and painting techniques for other crafters and hobbyists. Shortly thereafter, Donna worked with Plaid to develop a CD-ROM and a series of instructional videotapes. To date, Donna has more than 70 books and 30 instructional videos to her credit.

Over the years the popularity of the One Stroke™ technique and of Donna herself have continued to soar. She is in high demand as an interior designer, teacher and craft manufacturer and has made regular appearances on television networks in America, England, Germany and Canada. Donna has been also a columnist in the Tole World, Wood Strokes, Painting Magazine, Quick & Easy Painting Magazine, Paint Works and Decorative Artists Workbook.

In addition, the demand for Donna’s innovative style and techniques has resulted in her recent presence in the licensing industry among home décor products and publications. Her licensed home textile products have found their way into Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, JC Pnney, JoAnn’s and Michael’s to name a few.

The fact that her crafting is so successful is by no means an indication that she is less devoted to her family. In fact, Donna’s husband Marc works as her Marketing Director. Their seven children have also played a key part in her success. They have filled numerous roles, including drawing, painting, distribution and warehouse work.

For the past several years, Donna has taken a special interest in training instructors to learn her One Stroke™ techniques. To date there are more than 4,500 certified instructors. Given the high demand for Donna’s products, the estimated number of interested instructors and students should reach far beyond the years to come. Due to her increasing popularity throughout Asia, Donna has established a certification program in Japan with a growing presence.

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