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represented by Singapore Li Fine Art Gallery Still Life Oil Painting Lesson Class Online
by Ng Woon Lam mfa nws. Winner of various national and international art juried awards.


Nikki Poseidon, Shiva says:

I find you Art Work to be wonderfully delightful!! Also please who is the composer?

Down Town says:

Cool !!! I like it

malishmalishin says:

where u get ur canvases?

Annie Lemay says:

Excellent work.

Shedz Channel says:

a very beautiful painting!
but i would have called it a demonstration instead of a lesson.
i really disliked the music…it seams to be played on a lot of artists videos, but this one went round and round and round at least 3 times. i would have turned this video off within the first 3 mins if it wasnt so nice to see your creative process.
well done on your painting!!

Craig Nicholls says:

I have now fallen in love with still life. Thank You so so much beautiful wow im lost for words. Thank You.

reefprayer says:

Thankyou for your demonstration, Ngwoonlam! – I must say that is quite amazing! ……I thought it was very good until I saw the actual vaseof flowers you were copying off! – They're just 3 carnations stuffed in a vase! – And you turned them into a masterpiece! – You a a master!

Dzimini says:

What kind of red do you use for roses? natural and carmine?

Dalmira Marin says:

Precioso, que buen maestro!

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