Landscape Painting- Hawaiian Sunset

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FINALLY….a landscape painting
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Artfortheheart Painter says:

+Merrill Kazanjian so beautiful…love the colors..and depth..

Artfortheheart Painter says:

+Merrill Kazanjian hi, I enjoy learning from you. Can you please explain…this may seem kinda stupid..but…if I am outside painting say a building…how do I get the proportions of that house to fit the canvas….? What kind of pencil did you use over the oil paint? Can pencil be used over oils? Thanks..I Hope you answer…appreciate your channel and time…would like to see lessons on oil painting portraits….I am learning to draw from you…well learned a lot actually…would like to paint Lincoln….even if you did a full on lesson in DVD to sell…many now are into learning portrait painting in oils…not many lessons out there. Your very talented…if I could wish for anything in life…it would be to be able to draw like you…best NY..miss it so much..

Manga Marcus says:

The big island

Manga Marcus says:

I live in Hawaii

Wenceslao Futanki says:

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, thats what happens when you take gasoline instead of mothers milk as a baby, damn comedic genius maybe.

Kelly Dueck says:

Thank you for this video. I loved it!!

Wot says:

you should do much more paintings! and great video

TylersArtShack says:

You know what would be cool?! If you did more landscapes 🙂

Harry says:

hehe 🙂
i love to use oil paints.
i did this with watercolour pencils (because i had just bought them and wanted to try something out) and it worked great!
you should do a watercolour pencil tutorial. they're great to use 🙂

jaydubb37 says:

great job!i really enjoyed this video.

vegetaaa100 says:

haha nice drawing by the way

Merrill Kazanjian says:

@CasPoint0 Video is definitely the way to go! Build a following and get paid for it! Cant beat it!

Merrill Kazanjian says:

@TrailerParkTrish That is Mixed media! If you think about it EVERY artist supply has strengths and weaknesses……When I do mixed media, I just think of myself as an "image maker" rather than a "painter" so that I can benefit from the strengths of different supplies…..just like you did with the accuracy of a pencil!

Merrill Kazanjian says:

@remble15 Thank you remble15!

Merrill Kazanjian says:

@livingdragonn I would LOVE to visit Thailand!

Merrill Kazanjian says:

@Promistor You have to be my agent Promistor! Thank you for all of the kind, super motivating comments that you have left me!!!!! 🙂

Merrill Kazanjian says:

@TheSamuraiArtist Hey Samurai! I needed to do something different! Thank you as always!!!

Merrill Kazanjian says:

@GermFreeEagle I used to drink that stuff!!! Didnt do any permanent damage…..damage…..damage…..damage…..damage…..damage…..damage…..damage…..damage…..damage…..damage…..damage…..damage…..damage…..damage….damage…..damage…..damage……damage…..damage…..damage…..LOL

Merrill Kazanjian says:

@Rasljic88 Thank you Rasljic88!

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