Paint Whimsical Birds on Black and White Chalkboard Canvas | Live Beginner Acrylic Painting Tutorial

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Learn to paint simple whimsical folk art birds on black and white branches. Chalkboard acrylic painting lesson by Angela Anderson. Purple flowers and folk art birds add a pop of color. Fun and easy beginner acrylic paint project.

Materials Used:
12″ x 16″ Canvas (30 cm X 40 cm)
Acrylic Paints:
Carbon Black
Titanium White
Dioxazine Purple
Quinacridone Magenta
Cadmium Red Medium
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Phthalo Blue
Phthalo Green
Nylon or Taklon Acrylic Brushes:
1/4″ Flat
3/4″ Flat
#4 Round
#2 Round
3/8″ Angle
Canson XL 9″x12″ Mix Media Pad

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Jenny Dillow says:

I love this painting, its very dramatic with the black background. Thank you for your time Angela and Mark, in teaching art!

Dusanka Ilic says:

Your tutorials are great, thank you!

Christine Riddell says:

I love this Angela, you have some fantastic video's x 🙂

daleydale says:

Totally novice painter here! Thanks for a great tutorial! What's the secret to your crisp lines? Mine tend to lose the color have way through a stroke and take on more of the canvas texture. Should I add more water to my brush?
Also, I'd recommend talking much louder. I can barely here you on my computer speakers in the end! Still I love your style, very easy to follow 🙂

Amanda's Art Depot says:

Had fun trying this one! Thanks for sharing you talent and knowledge!

Elizabeth Kennedy says:

This is such a great tutorial Angela! I have thoroughly enjoyed creating it. This is so me! thank you Angela.

Sheila crace says:

How do you clean the dot sponge , water then let dry:

Patricia Simmons says:

Such sweet whimsical birds. Loved it.

Crafty Stacey says:

I just tried doing this painting but my branches didn't look right, so I painted back over the whole thing, will try again later, I'm not not good with drawing or panting trees yet.. but I can do cartoon stuff all day long…

Crafty Stacey says:

Love this painting I'm gonna try it myself!

Sylda Lubis says:

OMG I love all ur video

Colleen Siegel says:

i LOVE LOVE all the birds and butterflies .. thanks Angela …

Pinky says:

Love this. Thank you for the lesson.

maris5951 says:

I beat everyone on nail polish but I am collector and nail tech…my latest total is 1863 bottles. I have 13 racks on my walls in my nail/art room

Cee Enn says:

What book do you paint in? Is it normal acrylic paint? I'm running out of wall space so thinking might just paint in a book 🙂

Elizabeth Cline says:

this video was very inspiring thank you

darlene feringa says:

Thank u!

Vani Aparna says:

I just completed watching the video. Its mesmerising. I would definitely love to recreate it. Thanks Angela.

marpy hayse says:

I so love that nail polish!

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