The Old Road Takes You There – acrylic landscape painting time lapse by Tim Gagnon

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Hankyeol kim says:

was this by acrylic or oil?

Trudy Duhon says:

This is AWESOME. It takes me back to my childhood. I can't wait to sign up for a class.

Pamela Williamson says:

fantastic !

EnvyThaGamez says:

Can you do an abstract Salvador Dali- type painting? It would be Interesting to see how you incorporate your style into a painting like that. (Perhaps to a desert-scape with floating sand dunes and trees that are on fire.)

TheVibrantColor says:

This is gorgeous!

Egidio Painter says:

Complimenti da un pittore italiano.

Marty Dennis says:

Every time I watch one of your videos, I think oh that's perfect and yet you keep painting and painting…amazing!

Matt Katz says:

Tim you are an absolute inspiration to me. Your work is full of energy and life (as seen through the most perceptive of eyes). It is "Turner-esque" in the sense that you capture the raw beauty of nature. Keep up the fantastic work!

Wassily Frank says:

Wonderfull as always

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