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This video depicts how Master Silk Artist Daniel Jean-Baptiste creates unique art on silk. This one is of a hatchling sea turtle.

Daniel is the originator of the shimmering light water technique, creating delicate hues of colour and light by painting wet-on-wet method in which liquid paints are delicately applied using small Sumi bamboo sheep hair brushes. The silk is positioned flat while suspended in a stretcher so that the wet colours can bleed freely on the fabric. The finished piece is water resistant and lightfast, ready for framing behind glass.

Jean-Baptiste uses tropical nature as his inspiration and silk as his Canvas.

Jean-Baptiste uses tropical nature as his inspiration and silk as his Canvas.

Visit these sites for more information on his silk paintings.


tatyana horoshko says: this is my first silk painting and I used your technique

pdn11141 says:

I had a go at painting on silk today for the first time today. It made me admire your work all the more Jean. Especially the fine lines! I guess the more you practice the more accomplished you get…. Who did the music for the video,? 'The Sea Turtle' is gorgeous. And I guess your reminding us all, that it needs protecting for future generations. Hope it doesn't go the way of the Dodo… Thank you for sharing your art.

Alina Bolohan says:

What fabric and colors are you using? Love your videos! Great job!

Karine Abgaryan says:

I like your silk art!! amazing!!!

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