How to draw a scenery with Ink & paint with Watercolor

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Watch step by step work of pen strokes & watercolor.

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Watch the video for easy step by step guide for painting this beautiful scenery in Pen & Watercolor.. Hope you will like this Drawing and let know if you were able to recreate it..

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Nabojit Kar says:

I will be very helpful if you upload 'oil painting tutorial'. plz .

Noor Eayni says:

work good👍

ツCornial says:

How old are you? Im just 10 so I think I couldn't even be good when being this young… I really got interested of drawing

ツCornial says:

How did you learn how to draw that freaking great? All the shading looks perect and np😊😉

ツCornial says:

so beatiful😍

خادمة الزهراء says:

wowo very good

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