Madame Scarlet Paints a Landscape [timelapse abstract oil painting]

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Welcome to Madame Scarlet Paints! An ongoing series of timelapse painting sessions. My style leans toward that of abstract expressionism, as I prefer to say, “Fuck it!” and see what happens.

9×12 pre-stretched primed canvas
Grumbacher Academy and Pre-tested oil paints
A variety of palette knives
Connoisseur Protege gold nylon 1″ wash brush
Connoisseur Protege gold nylon feather brush
Connoisseur Protege gold nylon 1/2″ filbert shader brush


sqdr8 says:

Beautiful piece thank you for sharing with us

Sepoficus says:

Beautiful. The kind of sceneries I'd consider to my top liking. With a bit of fantastical touch.

itsEnchantmen t says:

That is the best drawing i have seen😍😍

Ropodog says:

Gorgeous!! I love this painting! I would love to see you do one on a live stream.

secretdrone says:

Listen miss scarlet. I have a man cave, and I would definitely like to either buy or commission a painting as a center piece to my special room. Please contact me. 😊

BasicoKick Productions says:

I really like ur style and music in the background goes right along with it.

dimitri delafield says:

Holy crap thats beautiful. .u got talent 😍

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