COASTAL ACRYLIC PAINTING STEP BY STEP/How to Paint An Arbutus Tree Acrylic Painting Tutorial

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Acrylic painting tutorials and techniques are what this channel is all about. You will find more landscape paintings, seascape paintings, animal paintings, horse paintings, flower paintings, rose paintings, cherry blossom paintings, sea turtle paintings, ocean paintings, deer paintings, fern and forest paintings, tree paintings, arbutus paintings, elk paintings, fluid acrylic paintings and mini canvas paintings……. and more on this channel. I am landscape artist Lori Morris and love painting with acrylic. I hope you enjoy this painting step by step.

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Links to buy some products I use in my landscape art are below. Most of my most useful paint brushes are flat edge and are the brushes I use for blocking in and highlighting, I use filbert brushes for blending.
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Flat Edge paint brushes I recommend:
Filbert brushes I recommend are:
The Masterson Stay-Wet palette I use:

I always use Golden Acrylic Paint in my landscape paintings and highly recommend it’s quality.
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