Painting tips: How to find inspiration, composition, proportion + speedpainting

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In this video I’m sharing:
1. – How I find inspiration (for backgrounds, figures, colours.)
2. – How I developed the idea.
3. – Composition and proportions.
+ speed painting with acrylics and oilpaint.

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Many artists are having problems with starting a painting, or having an artist block. I actually never experience an artist block, I have the opposite ‘problem’, too many ideas to choose from! 🙂

In this video I’m sharing how you can motivate yourself to get started! It’s so nice when you are having all these options for painting and you can’t wait to start drawing and painting.

You will also see how I set up my painting, because when you are a beginner, it’s very helpful to see some one painting step by step.
On my Patreon page I share the exact material that I’m using and also some budget tips for drawing.

Don’t be afraid to start painting or that you are messing up. Remember that with every painting you are getting better, you are improving your skills and you learn something. Every little thing that you learn, you can take with you to your next painting.

Thank you for watching!
Keep sketching and painting.



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