Quick and simple watercolour landscape painting tutorial of Loch Tay

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Today’s painting is a quick impression of Loch Tay using simple techniques with the large Ron Ranson hake brush. Anyone can do the same with practise.

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Mireille Romain says:

Beautiful colors for the clouds which are blue, yellowish and a dark one.  Small mountains in the distance with reflections.  On right hand side there is a small hill with small rocks at bottom and reflections.  On the left hand side is a dark foreground with a few banks, rocks and grasses.  The beautiful pastel colors of sky reflect on sea in a lovely way.  A small yacht in the distance gives a sense of movement.  Thank you Steven for always sharing which is a wonderful help to improve our artworks.  We are grateful.

Mireille Romain says:

Very interesting way to paint the clouds Steven and also nice colors for the sky.  A few small mountains with sky colors in the distance.  Small hills on right hand side where there are a few white lines which seems to be small constructions possibly a few boats which creates some kind of movement.  The sky colors reflect beautifully on water.  There is a foreground with a few rocks  on left hand side.  Thank you Steven as always for giving us the opportunity to watch  you painting and learn how you do some demos so instructive.

Ross St Quintin says:

Fantastic result Steven. Wonderful the way you have created such depth of field so softly. A most contemplative scene. Thanks. Ross

Michael Hughes says:

Steven . What brush do you use?
Prolific work.

gizimama says:

Köszönöm 🙂

Mireille Romain says:

I like your sky very much Steven, it's different from the others you usually paint :  nice colors which reflect on the sea.  It's really a simple painting, but it's lovely with it distant hill, and this one on the right with these card drawings which gives the impression of life and movement.  As always, thank you Steven

Bhakti Pargaonkar says:

lovely steven.. loved the sky here… very nice… its kind of ran romson' s type of sky right??

Raggy Ragsdale says:

Yo! The paint came in!! Great picture here! Raggy

jbmckean says:

Nice when you have your full palette to work with Steven still not got your new brush yet ??

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