“Shady River” Part 2 – White Water River and Cliffs Acrylic Landscape Painting Demo

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Part 2 of an acrylic landscape painting demo. In this series you will learn to paint the movement and lush color in a beautiful river in the forgiving and fun medium of acrylic paint. We will paint the river in both light and shadow, contrasting the soft water with craggy textured cliffs. Step by step with tutorial commentary.


art shahaf says:

Forgot to ask you before, do you use any medium with acrylic ?thank again

art shahaf says:

Thanks again,I like the colore of the water, what colors you mix for it? Your videos are just great

P Lo says:

Karen, I really like the way you paint the water and rocks. 2 thumbs up.

Ani Kalajžić says:

beautiful,thank you

anne de guernon says:

can you give me the size of your canvas ? thanks !

anne de guernon says:

thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us, you speak so well and in detail about all those so important things as light and shadow, the movement of the water, i'm going to try and get inspired from your painting

Wagner Cruz says:

Thanks for share this!

kommi1974 says:

I like the overall painting, but for me personally, there is too much going on in the front, stealing from the centerpiece (the water).  Good job. 

Karen Ilari says:

Thanks so much Tony! Glad you liked it 🙂

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