Acrylic Painting Tutorial (Part 2) Monet Inspired Waterlilies Bridge Impressionist Art

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Learn to paint a Monet inspired masterpiece “Bridge Over a Pond of Waterlilies” with easy to follow instructions. Artist Angela Anderson will guide you during this LIVE free art lesson. How to paint like the Impressionists. See Part 1 Here:
Materials Used:
11″ x 14″ Canvas:
Heavy Body Acrylic Paints:
Titanium White
Yellow Oxide
Cadmium Yellow Light
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Magenta
Phthalo Blue
Sap Green (optional)
Phthalo Green
Turquoise Phthalo (optional)
Teal (optional)
Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt Blue
Burnt Sienna
Acrylic Synthetic (Taklon or Nylon) Brushes:
1/2″ Flat or Filbert
#2 Round
1/4″ Flat or Bright
3/8″ Deerfoot Stippler
Small Fan Brush (stiff bristle):
Paper Towels (Viva or Scott Shop)
Spray Bottle

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Celia Trujillo says:

Very pretty and want to thank you .Monet will be very proud of your work.

Judith Demaestri says:

Throughly enjoyed that ,thank yo.

Lorraine Birks says:

Thank you Angela and Mark , great tutorial , I will have to start painting again soon , I have spent dozens of hours watching the tutorials x

Tamas Eugeniay says:


Angelaanderson com

linda meanbean says:

Very nice … its been awhile since I have watched any of your videos … was looking for a video on how to paint a bridge bc on my painting it looks like a bridge would complete my painting .i have watched over 200 or more videos in the last couple of years … I was thinking where do I know that name from Angela Anderson and realized that bob ross was my inspiration but YOU were the one who actually gave me the confidence to put it on paper want to thank you for that …I have come along way since then but still, have a lot to learn. I did a picture of trees and you were showing us how to use a credit card to make the trees. it was pretty awesome I still have that in my book and from there I went on to a canvas thank you again for giving me that confidence by taking your time to teach us your way of teaching is calming your really awesome ! xoxo

Beth Mulligan says:

Angela…I am absolutely moved by what you see in this painting. I just did my 1st Monet style lily pad painting the other day of GC's & had some real nice compliments on it so I am getting ready to try yours on a larger scale…not sure if long & oblong or 16×20 but…I will post when done. Thanks so much for the lesson!πŸ’šπŸ’™

SusanLS08 says:

Beautiful busy work! Nice job Angela.

Joan Wynter says:

That is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to do it.

Jim Waligora says:

Angela, thanks for the instructions. If I am painting an 18 x 24 canvas would I use larger brushes to get a similar stroke feel?

Karen Hartfelder says:

That was fun! I had to take 3 naps and several nausea pills (I have major stomach problems) But I got through it and you are an amazing teacher!

coldmountainpix says:

Well, my first painting finished with you! I have blue paint on my laptop now! oops- Also back in part one my water thing fell all over my painting and my desk- but I kept on going (after i cleaned it up as fast as I could off my painting- I wish I had started with your beginner flowers first- At least I wont forget my first with angela and monet- πŸ™‚

Eileen Cole says:

Loved part 1 and now enjoying part 2. Relaxing, enjoyable and inspirational. Should start painting again. Thank you.

SuZan Zimmerman says:

love it…. I have to paint it…

Glenda Wilkins says:

Very peaceful!!!

Wilma Watters says:

Amazing thank you x

Anita Lataille says:


Anita Lataille says:


deb anderson says:

Another great painting lesson.. I started not to watch this because I thougt it was too long… but since I was going to be home.. . I watched it while cleaning .. Im so glad I watched it. Thanks for sharing and all the tips. !!

Cerabella Moanism says:

Lovely. I will make an attempt, ty

Nancy Bisogno says:

I know this took along time but I like it when you take your time with the details! We don't really learn without themπŸ™πŸŒΈ

Nancy Bisogno says:

Really came out beautiful! I am differently going to do this one!

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