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This abstract painting was created by Peter Dranitsin. Thank you for watching and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you did please leave your comment below. Thank you kindly for all your nice feedback and your support for my original art!

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Hi my fellow artists and YouTubers!

This is Peter Dranitsin and the abstract painting is called “Etymology”. In this abstract art tutorial I will create a magnificent landscape theme in colors such as: orange, bright yellow, yellow oxide, umber, red oxide, black, white, primary blue, and ultramarine blue. This painting features beautiful trees with its stunning reflection in the lake, a rising moon, and breath taking clouds. I will demonstrate for you how you can create a similar looking painting. Throughout this step by step art video you will learn about the tools and techniques that you will need to master in order to create a breath taking abstract landscape painting. I hope you will enjoy watching this video. If you enjoy watching this and other abstract art videos I ask you to please support my channel by liking this video and subscribing to my channel. Happy Painting to you all!

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M.giselli H. says:

Beautiful as always

SteveL2012 says:

The tree line is improved dramatically, but your horizon line is crooked—it slopes to the right and dips in the middle. In addition you mixed blue and yellow in your sky, making it green. Never seen a green sky before . . .

Nice Silva says:

Lindos gostei

Robert Gwinn says:

I believe painting is a series of corrections until it reaches a point we are happy with the results and it takes on the life of perfectly planned and executed idea. Shift one color, push this back, move this out, etc, until harmony is achieved. You do this perfectly…moving the paint until it is what your vision had intended.

Carol Stanley says:

I hadn't thought of using sponges…I love the painting..thanks for sharing

bonnie garson says:


Lorena Fortier says:

Beautiful Work Peter, Can you tell me a little about the Round Brush you use, is it the same as a chalk round brush

Zeeshan Ansari says:

Well done peter. And thank you soo much for inspiring me ! :))

Harshita says:

Wow, so beautiful! Your paintings are so inspiring!! You have some of the best tutorials I have seen so far. I also love that you list the colors used in the painting. I am a beginner painter and I can't wait to try this out!!! Thanks for sharing!

Fousiya Johar says:

I like paintings but I don’t know anything about it.
Your paintings are so so beautiful 😍 “masha allaah “
I am wondering, you didn’t touch water while doing painting. Why??
What kind of paint it is ??

Nancy Bisogno says:

I like it when you talk on your video! I would have liked to see some of the sky color in the lake. Very pretty.

Analista Bangun says:

Wow…beautiful painting

Elena Lentoni says:

Hi Peter! I love all your paintings. Im new to art and am trying to learn all i can. I was wondering, do you dilute you acrylics with something or do you use them straight? If you do dilute them, what do you use and how much? Thank you so much!

Richard Carnrike AX says:

it is a really pretty painting tho…

Richard Carnrike AX says:

not sure y it says abstract bc if its abstract then all of bob ross paintings r abstract…i would call it impressionism.

Pam Stefanik says:

Really enjoy your thibking out loud as you work. Explaining the tree line change. I loved it both ways. Just beautiful. I love your videos !!!

Pam Stefanik says:

This is beautiful Peter and thank you for taking the time to list and explain the colors you're using.

Monique VAN OORD says:

Beautiful. It’s getting easier to follow and learn your inspiring techniques. Please keep sharing. ❤️

Diane LoDico says:

Very nice Peter. I do like the tree line better with the redo. You aren't crazy—we all have to "redo." I am experimenting with sponges since seeing your successful use of them. Thank you!

Kim Persinger says:

very pretty

Nancy Ertan says:

Beautiful painting

T M says:

Your videos are awesome. Abstract landscape looks very cool.

B Wiggins says:

You are using oil paints, aren't you? I love your paintings.

Ro Sa says:

Hi Peter, nice painting! I was happy you changed the treeline. Way too much detailed feeling at first and now it is just perfect ..

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