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Video Transcript:
“This is a really lovely painting, and your excellent technique really plays up a sense of mood and atmosphere that is extremely evocative. When I read your artist statement though, I do wish that I could get a bit more of a clear sense of this very personal narrative within the piece itself.

On the one hand I find it extremely commendable and really interesting that you decided to do this piece about anger, but portray a scene where the central figure is actually very inert, sort of in between fits. I think the trick for you now will be to try and find another way outside of the pose of the figure to convey this potential for this explosive fury, and I think there’s opportunity for that in your mark making.

In general, you have this style of painting that is really mottled, and sort of haunting, but I also think you could push yourself to be a little bit more graphic and a little bit more energetic, especially in the bed sheets around your brother. I think that would be a great place to sort of convey this emotional stormcloud that’s brewing.

My favorite part of this piece is the way that the more experimental wash in the background interacts with your more tightly rendered painting style, and I think you could push these two different painting approaches out even further from one another, and that way play up even further the very complex emotions that you have already captured in a more evocative but a very successful way.”

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