Art project “Ambitious Art” by Anna Gav: Happy Easter. Jewelry and painting for sale

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Anna Gav in the world of Scandinavian Fashion and Art.
Tel. / WhatsApp/ Viber +358 40 745 6664


The designer Anna Gav established a beading industry in Finland, Scandinavia, in 2001. All ANNA GAV jewelry is handmade which is why each item of glass-bead jewelry is unique. Only the best glass-bead materials are used in ANNA GAV jewelry.

ANNA GAV jewelry combines the classical school of glass beading with striking modern design.

* ANNA GAV Jewelry, Finland, since 2001.

* ANNA GAV Jewelry is an EU registered trademark.

* Based on sales 198 000 women choose ANNA GAV Jewelry.

* Distribution: department stores (Stockmann, Sokos, Ratsula), chain stores (Your Face, Voglia), shops (118 retailers).

* Fashion Fairs and Catwalks:
Finland * Denmark * Sweden * Germany
Helsinki Muotimessut – Helsinki Fashion Week – Helsinki Catwalk – CIFF Copenhagen International Fashion Fair – Stockholm Modeveckan – MTC Munich Fashion Show.

* Finnish mass media covers include such magazines as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Gloria, Me Naiset, Anna, Eeva.

* 300 models: unique design patterns and best-selling samples.

* More that 15-year fashion jewelry manufacturing expertise. Proven jewelry designs with high quality market reputation.

* ANNA GAV jewelry is made from high quality glass beads, crystals and Murano glass.

* Marketing tools developed under the trademark ANNA GAV Jewelry: tags, posters, packaging, displays.

* After 15 years of working with many women in Europe in designing and producing fashion jewelry, she has developed her own method for color analysis.
Art Project “Ambitious Art” or “Encryption of ambitious desires or dreams on canvas”.

The Art Project “Ambitious Art”, oil on canvas, was initiated in 2017.

The Art of Co-creation: Anna Gav’s approach is to create custom-made art in collaboration with the customer. Anna calls it an encryption of ambitious desires or dreams on canvas.

Material: Oil on canvas

Create a picture of your ambitious desires and embody your dream together with Anna Gav.

Ask more information about paintings for sale and order your Co-creation art project with artist.

• Color
Artist uses her own unique method to select colors.
• Fibonacci numbers
Artist translates into the rhythm of color and symbols.
• Impressionism
Multidimensional and multilevel perception of an artwork.
The Art Projects of Co-creation with customers “encryption or expression of personal ambitious wish or dreams on canvas”.

Artist believes in the beneficial power of thought. The subconscious of any person can be depicted on canvas.

The artist claims that this can be a secret key to success.

Create a picture of your ambitious desires and embody your dream together with Anna Gav.

1. The customer is interviewed using Anna’s unique method to determine the appropriate colors.

2. The good will of the customer’s ambition is isolated.

3. Unconscious stroke by customer.

4. Anna Gav completes the painting.

Seize the opportunity to order your custom made painting or jewelry and have a beautiful piece of art in your private collection.

For more information please contact:
Anna Gav
Tel. / WhatsApp/ Viber +358 40 745 6664


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