How TO Draw Scenery OF Late Autumn Step by Step/Draw Beautiful Scenery of Landscape with Watercolor

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How TO Draw Scenery OF Late Autumn Step by Step/Draw Beautiful Scenery of Landscape with Watercolor/I draw this scenery with camel artist water color on hand made paper .it is good.scenery in beauty of Bangladesh……..The video tutorial is very easy I also used the color of oil pastel.. Bangladeshi working people in the field,cutting crop and caring to go to home some people come back at home they fell tired.but golden cooling fresh nature They kip quite.. draw this painting sunset in nature, village house blue river,some people are Come back House.They feel tired, But Cooling nature and hope full Tomorrow,they get ready to work.its the rural people life style,its natural thing its real life quite silent and cooling yellow and green color full nature color full sunset river ice cooling blue river boat man and there boats on the river total nature is a symphony of beauty cow boy come back at home they are the end of the day busy life turn to quite and enjoy able moment. all the busy nature turn to full fill colored with beauty just haven, just come back my child hood period that and that i draw in my paintings …”subscribe” to watching more videos….

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