Nwanho the Wind Spirit – Spirit Art

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Climate Change is a very important issue. This painting called Nwanho the Wind Spirit was made to remind viewers of the importance of wind energy and other clean renewable forms of energy that can help us in the fight against Climate Change.

As usual my painting takes influences from African culture. Specifically the the largest influence for this image comes from the Bwa of Burkina Faso.

Here are links to listen to various African wind instruments that were mentioned in the video.

Bwa whistles

Mbuti flutes

Nyungwe Nyanga Panpipes

The announcer voice for Red Spirit Mask videos like Spirit Art are provided by my good friend Josh.

For a closer look at my art, check out the Deviant Art link below and if you check out the Redbubble link, you can find my art on all sorts of goods like t-shirts, posters, stickers, and more.



You can also find me on social media.




EZ GoinGamers says:

Really loving these videos! Your channel seriously will go far! 🙂

paradyneT101 says:

Nice painting.. though I would have put leaves blowing around mine.

Super Seth says:

The wind spirit looks lovely.

Tyr says:

Dude that's really good!
Are you going to do some Black Panther/Wakanda analysis? I know it's a fictional place but they apparently draw inspiration from real life

Red Spirit Mask says:

Just thought I should let you know that I have seen the new trailer for Black Panther but there isn't a whole lot new in that trailer so I won't be analyzing it. That said we got plenty of other Black Panther videos planned.

If you are wondering how I came up with the name for this spirit, I combined Nwantantay with Duho which are the names for the Bwa plank masks and the Bwa hawk masks respectively.

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