Taking The Snowy Road – Time lapse acrylic snowy landscape painting by Tim Gagnon

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rachwhy says:

That’s beautiful

mix says:

I look up to your works bro. hope to be that good too. Evrytime i try to do ur stuff I couldnt get it as precise and perfect as u did. Idol

Ana Z says:

It is incredibly beautiful as always !!!

Zetsugos K says:

Do you offer prints of your work?

Master Kat Illusion says:

Amazing as always!!

Gail Greene says:

Beautiful, Tim.

wendy hepting says:

I love the colours in this beautiful painting! I am always amazed and inspired by your pieces.

happyflowers1212 says:

Happy trees

sad writer says:

nice🌹…do you mix acrylic with water or is it just puple with white at fisrt?!

jerzeyzgirl03 says:

So beautiful

Nishtha .Grover says:

easy n beautiful

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