Painting with Watercolours featuring the Isle of Arran in Scotland #4

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Watercolour landscape painting tutorial featuring the Isle of Arran in Scotland, UK.

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Mireille Romain says:

Beautiful colors of the sky on the isle of Arran in Scotland.  I learned something new when you draw the boat (using a card) over the sea already painted.  The mountain, the seashore with these pastel colors give a very pleasant view.  The sea is beautiful with the blue reflection of the sky.  Its a very interesting painting and demo.  Thank you so much Steven.

Steven Cronin says:

Glad you like it Allan. Thanks for watching.

allan sheen says:

Great series Steve. Lots of colour in this painting Love the dialogue makes it more real to how I paint .

Steven Cronin says:

Cheers Carol

carol biggs says:

Great painting

Steven Cronin says:

@leisititine1 many thanks

Steven Cronin says:

@luckybear0301 cheers

christine leisi says:


Steven Cronin says:

@LioeIe many thanks

Visual Jamie says:

the boat really grabs my attention, it ties the entire painting together

Steven Cronin says:

@henrycems thanks Alfred, it's the first time I've tried a boat like that but I quite liked it.

Steven Cronin says:

@forestblades cheers Tom. May I ask, do you generally prefer shorter, say 5 minute parts, or longer 10-15 parts so as to see more of the painting in one go?

William Cox says:

Breaking up the painting into four segments helped me stay interested and I think "Isle of Arran" is one of your best works. d;-}

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