Acrylic Painting Tip #10 – Don’t Ever Let Anyone Discourage You

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Liberty Aragon says:

"they wouldn't have the energy i had with it" – this is so true of my experience in areas beyond painting too. No feedback, no emotion, you feel like shaking them!

doforanimals says:

…and another thing… In college, I was just starting out with painting and drawing so it was pretty crude. They picked the favorite in the class and disregarded the rest, so my studies suffered. Had I gotten more encouragement I would have gotten much better by now, but since these were 'authorities', I felt pretty discouraged. These last few years I put more effort and time into my art and with *some* maturity, my art has improved. I can't emphasize enough the importance of persistence.

doforanimals says:

… Also, those family criticisms do hurt, don't they? Not being artistic types, the art world was very puzzling to them and they were not very encouraging. My mother's idea of good art was that it must look like a photo *sigh* So, keep reminding yourself "It's only ONE opinion." So keep doing what feels right for YOU!

doforanimals says:

Thank you for this. It really resonated with me. To be a good artist you have to be sensitive, yet to survive the art world, you have to have a thick skin and believe in yourself. Keep believing!

Bell Staines says:

thank you that was helpful

Nicole Nadeau says:

I like your videos….thanks for doing that!

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