(Closed) Back To School Giveaway 2018… And painting the cabinet

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giveaway is set up using rafflecopter. follow the link below to enter.

Giveaway link http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/b3c2b7ab5/?
Mobile Friendly Link: http://gvwy.io/dvg3rm1

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2. don’t leave personal information in the comments section

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/FelizaEstrada
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Periscope: @FelizaEstrada
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Sabaheta Omerovic says:

Thank you for qiveaway. My instagram is: in_memoriam_sabaheta_omerovic Good luck!!💓💕💓💕

Monserrat Gonzalez says:

Omg I would like to win this so so much!!❤️

My instagram username is @_monserrat_gonzalez_ just in case I win, I really really really hope sooo!!!

Sarah Fleet says:

Thank you so much for doing this – and you're so caring towards our safety

Jennifer Vega says:

Thank you so much for doing such an amazing and generous giveaway. Good luck to everyone else who enters!! She's such an amazing person and hopefully you get to see how wonderful she really is!!!!
Instagram: _.jvega._
Twitter: vegajennifer323

Alondra Martinezbolanos says:

#enterme #done
Everything was so pretty your such an awesome person
Good luck to everyone 💖!!!

Faridah Mee says:

Thank you for the great giveaway. Hopefully I’m the lucky one to win the giveaway ☺️

Lulu Mendoza says:

Aww i would like to win because my familly is mostly poor

Thida Myint says:

New subscriber here. Thank you for the amazing giveaway, especially since you’re giving away really great products.Thank you so much and all the best to your channel. Keeping my fingers crossed.

unicorn love says:

You are pretty

Jennyfer Tañag says:

Love it 💕

Tabitha Bowdell says:

The cabinet was so beautiful! Such a kind heart to share all this! And what a way to take care your subscribers with trying to keep them safe!

asin fathima says:

u r amazing .

Nandana Chandran says:

i'm so happy that you are adding a prismacolor to your giveaway!!!!Love you so much!!

lizzy loves says:

I want to win I love your personality

lizzy loves says:

Cause I never won anyting

lizzy loves says:

I want to win so bad

brenda guzman says:

wow that's amazing ❤

Lizzy Pop says:

I luv ur personality😍

momina qureshi says:

Feliza thank you so much for this giveaway 💙💙💙😍 all the stuff was so cute and awsome and good luck everyone😘😘😘😘

Dollar Mom says:

great giveraway


When does the giveaway end

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