Multiple Cloud Layers a Back to Basics Acrylic Painting Lesson for Beginners and Advanced Artists

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If you want to learn an easy way to paint clouds, this is the step by step video for you. Ginger shows how to create storm clouds that are dramatic and easy to paint with acrylics.

Ginger will be exploring the fine art of acrylic painting by offering some tips and tricks to help you with your own paintings. Ginger will be taking questions and can possibly be able to demonstrate to clearly show you the answer.

In this week’s exciting episode…to be announced!

Join Ginger Cook, Master Acrylic Artists, for Live Lessons right here on YouTube every Monday and Tuesday evening at 7:30pm central and on Wednesday at 1:00pm central. This is a great place to meet other artists and ask questions to learn more. We talk about art and other fun subjects. With help and guidance, anyone can paint. Even you can paint!

Want to see something? Just let us know! Tell us what you’d like to paint, or what you want to know about art. This is YOUR art journey. We are here to make you the best artist you can be and we offer Personal Art Coaching on our website,, with a paid monthly subscription. Starting as low as $19.95 for seniors/military. Visit our website to learn more.

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sj moore says:

Canvas envy ….I love you..LOL

Francoise Gauthe says:

Thant you Madame you are a great teacher !

katerina M says:

Very good tutorial. Thank you for all the things you learn us

Southern Belle Dispatch says:

I just love you Ginger and John, your words are exactly what is in my head. Oh nevermind, I'll fix it later and keep working on the section you are working on.
Thanks for the tutorial.

Ana Maria De Armas says:

i never get enough of this lesson.

Trigger Toes says:

Ginger, where I get off is when i go back on my own with the coloured clouds is i KEEP GETTING THIS STUCK IN MY MIND, <WHERESOEVER THERE IS DARK THERE MUST BE LIGHT NEXT TO IT. your CLOUDS SEEM TO EFFORTLESSLY FOLLOW THE RULE.

Ana Maria De Armas says:

It was a very much needed tutorial for me. I will need to do it a couple of times before venture to do that on canvas. Thank you Ginger

Marcye Frailey says:

Beautiful!! This has helped me see clouds in a different way. TFS

Shab says:

Clouds have always been something incredibly daunting for me to paint, but you've explained and demonstrated the technique so well, I'm actually excited to go paint now! Thank you so much!

ginny gluege says:

I am a fairly new acrylic artist and do strictly abstracts. I love your videos and watch every week knowing I'll learn something that will help me create my art. You give so many good tips that can also be used for abstract artwork. I enjoy it when you chat with us and at the same time keep the class moving. Thank you for sharing your expertise and for your fun and informative videos!

Mona L creates says:

So beautiful!! Love the colors! Great lesson Ginger!! 🙂

Alice Kiefer says:

I just finished working on the clouds, took me a while but enjoyed every minute, I am going to do them again for practice!!

Ethel says:

thank you so much for this, I know you said you were using 'crazy' colours for it but I have a good friend who is purple crazy. She would love this. I must try to paint it. Thank you Ginger xx

Dona Marc says:

I'm really enjoying every one of your lessons. I will start on your member classes. I find that you and Cinnamon have opened a whole new world for me. I just hope I can get faster like you . I guess it will come with time. Hugs and Peace with you. Donna

karen sutton says:

Beautiful Ginger thanks this has helped me a lot xx

TessaLev Paints says:

This is a great watch!

M Lauren K says:

Ginger, you're awesome! Clouds just finally "clicked" for me properly after watching this and then practicing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Welcome back and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! 🙂

nancy cuppi says:

Thanks for this lesson, it's very nice.

Jan Williams says:

We were diverted from Bahamas last week on the Disney Dream to Cozumel and Costa Miah…👏🏻😂

Marty Long says:

Ginger it is such a pleasure to watch your videos, This has helped me with my clouds I plan to try this soon… But must watch a few times 🙂

Dimitra Markou says:

Great lesson. Very helpful. All your lessons are really great. Love them. Thank you.

Barie Brewer says:

Great lesson. Thank you.

Tara Evans says:

Glad your home, safe and sound.

MsAngie says:

Welcome Home! Thank You for this tutorial, I really needed this… clouds are a block wall in my mind. This technique may just knock the block down. Thanks again Ginger. You ROCK ! Thank you for the stories, so enjoyable.

Brenda Greer says:

Thank you Ginger I love your painting lessons and the stories, You are a bright spot in my other wise same ole same days 🙂

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