Leon Keer 3D Street Art at Norra Station Street Art Gallery 2018

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Leon Keer 3D Street Art at Norra Station Street Art Gallery in Ljusdal, Sweden 2018. Leon Keer is an amazing artist and wonderful person. I got the opportunity to hang out with him and document his paintings last week, and here they are!

Leon on social media:

Norra Station Street Art Gallery on social media:

My name is Andreas Fransson aka The Beard Bringer, and today I’m gonna show you the creative process of 3D artist Leon Keer, and his paintings he made last week in Ljusdal, Sweden for Norra Station Street Art Gallery.

Leon Keer works with 3D art, or anamorphic art, which means that if you stand at a certain point looking at his work, you will see a picture come to life. But if you look at it from the side or from the back, it will look completely skewed.

I got to hang out with Leon Keer for the past week, documenting his 3D artwork and process. It was an amazing thing to see and the guy is so humble and nice.

Let me know in the comments what you thought about this 🙂

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